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elumatec SAS 142/44

Powerful automatic saw with 2-axis controller and large-dimensioned saw blade for efficient large-scale cutting of aluminium profiles

  • Reliable elumatec principle of "sawing from below" for optimal accessibility and the best possible utilisation of the saw blade
  • Kerf spreading ensures the highest possible surface quality of the cut faces only for 90° saw cuts
  • Material infeed (cycling) protects the surface of the workpiece through a profile lifting system at the bearing and locating face
  • Large cutting range for wide profiles
  • Automatic shutoff when the end of the profile has been reached
  • Material infeed controlled via servo axis for transport speed and part length
  • Saw feed controlled via servo axis for saw speed and saw height

Input of the profile parameters into the profile database 

Included accessories:

  • Hard-metal saw blade for aluminium with a diameter of 500 mm and 120 teeth
  • One vertical and one horizontal clamp each to the left and right of the saw blade

Technical data:

  • Feed length 5 - 780 mm (for 90° cuts)
  • Maximum cutting range, see cutting diagram
  • Saw blade speed 2800 rpm
  • 5.5 kW of power at 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Compressed air supply 7 bar
  • Air consumption 50 l per working cycle, 64 l with minimum-volume lubrication system


Elumatec Norge AS
Kleivbrottet 1
3084 Holmestrand
Org. nr.: NO896644432


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