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elumatec SBZ 125/85

Save time, save space, save money: the SBZ 125/85 profile machining centre is supplied with an enclosed cabin machine with an eight-metre working length and five axes that can replace two smaller machines thanks to dynamic shuttle operation.

When enhancing the successful SBZ 122 range, elumatec has used customer feedback to optimise ergonomics, access and set-up times. The new model makes machining aluminium, PVC and thin-walled steel profiles even more economical and efficient.

Cab machines are popular because they keep swarf contained and reduce noise, and elumatec has given the SBZ 125/85 integrated safety area monitoring with a fully programmable laser. The SBZ 125/85 is a major step forward for the elumatec range thanks to a new rotating control unit, extended functionality and new technology for faster tool changes, and more versions of the redesigned cabin machine are already in the pipeline. The SBZ 125/85 is also eluCloud ready in order to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Autonomus clamp positioning
The clamp automatically switches between the loading and machining positions. The ergonomics during insertion have been improved, and the machining paths are used as effectively as possible by moving the material into the centre of the machine beforehand to ensure optimum machining by the tool. Conversion to other profile widths and cross-sections is quick and does not require any tools, and the SBZ 125/85 makes pre-configuring the clamps for different profile contours and crosssections much easier.

Dynamic shuttle operation
Dynamic shuttle operation enables parallel routing and insertion of the material, which significantly increases the machining speed and allows long parts that extend beyond the centre of the SBZ 125/85 to be machined. And a new rotating control unit makes it easier to monitor operation: designed as a column with a rotating screen, the unit can be used as needed and provides an unobstructed field of vision to make operation even safer.

New technology for tool changes
Faster set-up times, more flexibility: new technology for tool changes shortens the change over times for the SBZ 125/85, which saves time and money. A larger changer is used, which also increases the working area.

Ergonomic optimized machining paths
The SBZ 125/85 offers simplified and enhanced clamp adjustment, which allows the different profiles to be machined. Adjustable clamps on the Yaxis improve ergonomics during insertion. The material then moves to the centre of the machine, making it as easy as possible for the tool to reach and machine it.

Optional chip conveyor
An optional waste (chip) conveyor can be integrated into the machine, which directs coarse chips and profile sections straight into a container to make it easier to keep the inside of the SBZ 125/85 clean.

Total length 11,350 mm
Height (with retracted Z-axis without optional roof) 2,500 mm
Depth 2,950 mm
Weight approx. 6,400 kg

Spindle And Tools
Clamp positioning autonomus
Clamps 8 standard (+ max. 4
Saw blade diameter 250 mm
Tool changing automatic
Angle head no
Routing spindle speed max. 20,000 rpm
Routing spindle power 7 kW, S1 with
feedback (air-cooled)
Tool holder HSK-F63
Tool tray positions in the automatic magazine 12
Disc milling cutter diameter 120 mm
Tool length max. 150 mm (from extent of taper)

Max. machining length without profile end machining
Shuttle operation 3.450 mm Combined operation 8.245 mm
Max. machining length with profile end machining
Shuttle operation 3.100 mm Combined operation 8.245 mm
Max. machining length for notching
Shuttle operation 3.300 mm Combined operation 8.245 mm
Positioning accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
Direction of machining 5 (above, behind, front, left, right)

Software And Connections
Software eluCam
Compressed air supply > 7 bar CE power supply (UL optional) 400 V, 3~, 50 Hz, 35 A

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